Understanding QuickBooks Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts for QuickBooks Online

Keyboard shortcuts could be a time saver whenever you are involved in QuickBooks so I’m thrilled to share keyboard shortcuts for QuickBooks Online (QBO).  Plus, you can make use of my One Click Trick in QuickBooks Online to produce your own ‘icon bar’ to access things you utilize most regularly with just one click.  The keyboard shortcuts is going to work in Chrome or Firefox.

The QBO keyboard shortcuts try not to operate in web browser (IE) (at the moment).  There are a number of things in QBO that do not work correctly with IE 11 so you should not use IE for QuickBooks Online. 


I would recommend using Chrome with QuickBooks Online so you can put up a QBO user in Chrome.  This allows one to use my One Click Trick and clear the cache and cookies without affecting your other browsing.  I explain and show you how to do these exact things

Keyboard Shortcuts for QuickBooks Online
In Chrome or Firefox:

  • Ctrl+Alt+I   = Invoice
  • Ctrl+Alt+W = Write Checks
  • Ctrl+Alt+X = Expense
  • Ctrl+Alt+R = Receive Payment
  • Ctrl+Alt+E = Estimate
  • Ctrl+Alt+L = Lists
  • Ctrl+Alt+A = Accounts
  • Ctrl+Alt+C = Customers
  • Ctrl+Alt+V = Vendors
  • Ctrl+Alt+F = Search transactions
  • Ctrl+Alt+H = Help

On Transaction Pages (Invoice, expense, etc.)

  • Ctrl+Alt+D = Save & Close
  • Ctrl+Alt+S = Save & New
  • Ctrl+alt+M = Save  & Send
  • Ctrl+Alt+X = Exit transaction
  • Ctrl+Alt+C = Cancel
  • Calculate — in an amount or quantity field, key in the calculation and hit tab.  As an example for just two * 5 = 10, key in 2*5 and hit tab and also the outcome of 10 will be calculated and entered in the field.

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Date Shortcuts:

  • Today –> T
  • YeaR –>   Y = beginning of year   R = end of the year
  • MontH –> M = beginning of month   H = end of month
  • WeeK –> W = beginning of week   K = end of week
  • + or – –> forward or back quickly
  • Zoom Display (allow it to be larger or smaller):

Ctrl+ or Ctrl- (plus or minus or hold Control and scroll up or down together with your mouse to zoom in or out)

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