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Network for Quickbooks Premier with 3 users on 3 computers

Our small manufacturing company has three people: president, customer service, and production manager. We are upgrading to Quickbooks Premier 2014 to utilize sales orders also to help plan inventory and raw materials.


Currently Quickbooks data lives in the president's pc. The consumer service person has Quickbooks application installed on her pc and accesses the data file over a file share on the workgroup.

Once we upgrade the production manager may also need a work station to make use of QB's materials planning info.

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What is the easiest way to have Quickbooks set up inside our shop? What changes do I need to make? Particularly, We have heard about setting up Quickbooks making sure that you remote desktop from your own pc on to a server that has QB installed about it in an effort to spend less on license costs. Is anyone acquainted with that, and may you advise if that would be a good fit for us?

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