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Just how to Fix Printing Problems in QuickBooks?

Printing from QuickBooks is amongst the most essential and a can’t live without features in QuickBooks. Inspite of the benefits of printing from QuickBooks, you will be quite likely to encounter QuickBooks Printing Issues and Errors. Printing issues with QuickBooks are as a result of a missing or corrupt component in QuickBooks, or even the difficulties with your printer or with the computer. The absolute most tear-jerking situation QuickBooks won’t print from QuickBooks and you also wonder, how exactly to Print Paychecks in QuickBooks.


In this specific article, you will be aware all about the complexities and solutions, if your Quickbooks not printing. Also, this article is split into various sections to simplify the usage of the information and knowledge of one's interest. The knowledge fragments are about Introduction, factors behind QuickBooks Printing Issues, just how to fix QuickBooks Printing problems etc. The sources of QuickBooks Printing Problems may also result in a related issue of QuickBooks not able to save as PDF.    

Reasons for “QuickBooks Won’t Print” Problem

We use Printing in QuickBooks for a couple of purposes. Similarly, you will find multiple factors that cause QuickBooks Printing issues. The answers to problems printing from QuickBooks are 80 percent the same as mentioned in this specific article. The others needs the involvement of Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor for printing problems. Meanwhile, take a look at the most typical QuickBooks Printing Issues/Problems.

  • QB issues connecting to your printer.
  • QuickBooks not connecting to Microsoft XPS Document Writer.
  • QuickBooks Software does not save your form or reports as a .pdf as a result of damaged components.
  • QuickBooks freezes while saving pdf for synching issues.
  • QB freezes when printing due to unresponsive XPS port.
  • Missing XPS Printer Driver.
  • QuickBooks doesn’t print to a printer and QuickBooks print command routes to null.
  • QuickBooks doesn’t convert to pdf file as a result of XPS Writer.
  • QB does not convert to print as a result of communication issues.
  • Unrecoverable error while printing from QuickBooks desktop for file readability issues.
  • QuickBooks PDF Converter Error 14982 50172
  • PDF Converter Activation Error -20, -30 in QuickBooks
  • Error 1722 or 1801 was ignored while installation.
  • Unrecoverable error using the code 15064 06798
  • Cannot keep in touch with the business file.
  • Missing QuickBooks PDF component needs repair.
  • QuickBooks struggling to complete the printing action as a result of missing components.
  • Print host driver problems in QuickBooks.
  • QuickBooks PDF Converter Activation Error may be a primary cause.
  • QuickBooks is not able to print straight to pdf converter.

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Computer problems that the QuickBooks Printing Problems

  • Offline or turned off a printer.
  • Misaligned or empty printer paper tray.
  • Nullified QuickBooks printer driver.
  • Logged in with a windows guest account.

Note: these issues needs to be kept in deliberation if for example the QuickBooks is not able to print Invoice or checks.

Important points to ponder about how to Fix QuickBooks printer won’t open problem? 

  • You QuickBooks must be on the latest release.
  • The Windows operating must certanly be updated before your start resolving QuickBooks Printing issues.
  • Furthermore, the correct printer driver is installed and there are no connectivity issues between computer and printer.
  • Check if you are able to print outside QuickBooks.

If you are assured, that none associated with issues can be found in your IT arrangement. Stick to the Steps to resolve QuickBooks printing issues and QuickBooks PDF problems by yourself.

Just how to Fix QuickBooks Printing Problems?

To be able to resolve QuickBooks Printing Issues or Quickbooks won’t print issue, please follow the below-mentioned steps watchfully, as well as in the order, they truly are placed. Before you start QuickBooks Printing Troubleshooting, restart your computer or laptop while the printer you've got troubles printing with QuickBooks. After the computer is back up, turn your printer on and follow simple steps to correct the troubles printing with QuickBooks.

Steps to Fix Printing Troubles with QuickBooks:

STEP-1: Look At The Printer outside QuickBooks

  • Open Microsoft Word or Notepad.
  • Type or paste some text in and Open-File Menu and Select
  • Meanwhile, print in the default printer or Select another one from the drop-down menu.
  • If it prints the written text confirms there is no problem because of the printer driver.

STEP-2: Fixing the Printer Issues

  • Power down the computer as well as your printer.
  • Make sure that you have paper properly positioned in the tray and there's no paper Jam.
  • Make certain interface cables are firmly connected (Unplug and plug them again through the computer and the printer side.
  • Switch on the computer therefore the printer back on.
  • Open Windows Control Panel and choose Printer
  • Be sure to make your printer online by right-clicking and choose Use Printer Online.
  • Cancel the current print queue by double-clicking the respective printer.
  • Finally, print a Windows Test Page, the printer and computer are ok if get the test print right.

If the Test Page doesn’t print  

  • Firstly, connect the pc to a new computer
  • Secondly, download and run the updated printer driver through the printer manufacturer’s website.
  • Connect your printer to some other computer and check if it’s fine.
  • Finally, speak to your printer manufacturer support in the event that you encounter errors on the printer’s Control Panel or the printer just does not print.

If the printer works fine outside QuickBooks, perform Step-3 for troubleshooting QuickBooks Printing Problems. 

STEP-3: Using QuickBooks Print and Repair Tool

Using QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair Tool can fix common printing issues. Try printing again, once you run the Print and PDF Repair Tool. Having said that, you can test manual changes utilizing the steps mentioned below.

  • Locate QBPrint.qbp file on the pc having troubles printing with QuickBooks.
  • The file needs to be manually renamed by prefixing any word that you like.
  • On Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 the file location is C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks 2XXX.
  • Furthermore, if you're unable to locate the file, remember to unhide the hidden files and folders.
  • Right-click regarding the QBprint.qbp to rename it.
  • Open QuickBooks plus the company file, a brand new qbprint.qbp is made automatically
  • Open a transaction that you had an issue creating PDF in QuickBooks or troubles printing with QuickBooks to check if it really works fine.
  • You could attempt to print from QuickBooks Sample company File to ensure if it absolutely was a problem together with your company file.

We have been hopeful that the mentioned in this article are helpful. They are some of the solutions you can easily follow to get QuickBooks won’t print problem solved. If you have any more queries regarding this problem, Connect to QuickBooks Error Support Number 

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