QuickBooks Payroll Setup Interview

How to Run the Easy Step Interview in QuickBooks 2018

Company Information

First thing you will definitely do is enter some basic information on your organization. Your business name is the only mandatory field on this screen. However, we recommend filling this page out completely if you plan on chatting with business-related correspondents through QuickBooks.


Note: you may possibly choose to leave the Tax ID blank. The sole reason that QuickBooks may require this information is if you choose to utilize the Intuit Payroll service.

Select Your Industry

From the next page you will Select Your Industry. If you don’t see your industry you can easily choose the General Product-based Business or General Service-based Business from the bottom regarding the list.

There's absolutely no wrong answer here. Anything you choose, QuickBooks will probably take that information and produce a generic chart of is the reason you to use.

How is your company organized?

If you're a business that does your very own taxes (using TurboTax or another type of software) go right ahead and select one of several options available. If a merchant account handles your company’s taxes, select the Other/none option.

Select the First Month of Your Fiscal Year

This method is automatically defaulted to January. Unless you need change this for whatever reason go ahead and click Next.

Set Up Your Company Administrator

The person who sets up the Company file is usually the administrator. The administrator has access to most of the Company files. QuickBooks does allow as much as 5 users regarding the account. We’ll go over how exactly to set that up at another time. For the present time, create an Administrator Password.

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Customizing QuickBooks for Your Business

You might be now done creating your company file! You can easily decide to save this file anywhere you’d as well as leave the Easy Step Interview process, although we highly recommend completing the interview.

The next steps are customizable choices for your organization. It provides questions like:

  • What would you sell?
  • Does your business charge sales tax?
  • Do you want to create estimates in QuickBooks?
  • Will you utilize billing statements?
  • Do you wish to use progress invoicing?
  • Would you like to keep an eye on the bills which you owe?
  • Would you like to track inventory in QuickBooks?
  • Do you wish to track amount of time in QuickBooks?
  • Do have employees?

Select a Due Date for Tracking Your Finances

Then you will select a date to begin the Fiscal Year. QuickBooks defaults this date at the beginning of the newest Year, but you can select the date that produces the absolute most sense for your company’s accounting.

Review Income and Expense Accounts

From the last page of this Easy Step Interview you can review all the accounts generated centered on your answers above. Review the list and go ahead and check and uncheck the services and accounts you wish to keep an eye on in QuickBooks.

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