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Simple tips to Use QuickBooks on Multiple Screens or in Multi-Monitor Mode?

Looking for a guide to use QuickBooks on multiple screens or in multi Monitor mode? Well, you search ends over here, even as we have come up using this article, where I will be referring to the step by step process to utilize QuickBooks on multiple screens or in multi monitor mode. Well, using QuickBooks desktop in multiple screens with all the new multi monitor mode, helps in increasing the productivity. This particular feature comes in QuickBooks desktop 2018 and soon after versions that will assist in better handling of the financial information. The fun fact is that a university of Utah study from 2008 indicated that productivity can increase by as much as 44% for routine office tasks by upgrading from single monitor to dual monitor configuration.


To understand further going to use QuickBooks desktop in multi-monitor mode, make sure you read the article carefully till the conclusion. Or an alternative for similar is usually to make contact with the QuickBooks support team. Our experts and certified accounting professionals provides you with the best possible support services.

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Steps to utilize QuickBooks on multiple screens or perhaps in multi monitor mode

Using the feature of multiple screens, an individual can use QuickBooks desktop on a single screen. The consumer are now able to easily use QuickBooks on multiple screens. Before using the QuickBooks on multiple screens or perhaps in multi-monitor mode, the user needs to make sure the below pointers:

  • The user will have to set the DPI settings for many screens/monitors during the default level
  • Also, set all the screens/monitors during the same resolution
  • Aligning the monitors horizontally in Windows display settings
  • Utilising the toggle tab to go windows in one monitor to another

QuickBooks multi monitor mode limitations

There are certain limitations when entering or using QuickBooks multi monitor mode. Let us check out the limitations 1 by 1:

  • Using single view mode: In case the user is having preference, he/she has to go on to the edit menu and then choose preferences and desktop view, set to the single view, the user will be unable to utilize multi monitor mode
  • Hosted environments: The feature wont work if the user is utilizing QuickBooks desktop in a hosted environment such as for example right networks or summit hosting
  • Monitors’ horizontal alignment: Multi-monitor usually do not work if for example the monitors are not aligned horizontally even
  • Moving the key program window: it ought to be noted that, wanting to move the QuickBooks main program window during the multi monitor mode is certainly not permitted. In order to move the main program window, an individual must switch to single monitor mode
  • Anything except that 100% DPI settings: in the event the user is having displays set to anything other than the default DPI font scaling, multi monitor will not work
  • Third party multi-monitor programs: It should be noted that some alternative party multi monitor program including the display link, display fusion, may not work properly when used in combination with QuickBooks multi monitor mode. For greater results, the user may use windows native multi- monitor support
  • Title/Cascade windows: the consumer will not be able to help make use the QuickBooks function to title/cascade windows, especially during the time while using the multi monitor mode is enabled.

Issues with multi monitor mode

Dialog boxes appear on the other monitor from the one focusing on

In some cases, the consumer may well not get certain dialog boxes appearing in the screen. Like, when you have your property page from the right monitor, and you also select invoices, then your invoices page can happen from the left monitor. The consumer has to simply toggle it returning to just the right monitor or move it manually.

Quantity of monitors does QuickBooks desktop multi-monitor support

It ought to be noted that the QuickBooks desktop multi monitor mode supports up to 3 monitors. In case of 4 to 5 monitors, an individual will have choices to select which monitors to make use of for multi monitor mode.

Certain windows extend across in to the other monitor

The consumer might notice certain windows span across to the next monitor, upon entering multi monitor mode. The consumer will simply have to move the window to where you need it and either maximize it to that particular screen or adjust the window length


We conclude this informative article over here, with the hope that the info shared above might be of some help in using QuickBooks on multiple screens or perhaps in multi monitor mode.

However, in case of any query, you may get in contact with a group of professionals, who work twenty-four hours a day to offer the perfect support services . Our 24/7 QuickBooks enterprise customer care experts and certified accounting professionals will ensure to solve all your queries.

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