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QuickBooks allows multiple associates in your company to get into the application's company apply for updating financial, customer as well as other information. The access is through the application's multiuser mode. If the computer you will be using to get into the QuickBooks' company file in the multiuser mode is missing components pertaining to the program and the application cannot access the computer containing the extra files, QuickBooks generates an H303 or H505 error indicating the communication problem.

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Computer Network Issue
The two QuickBooks errors are due to a number of communication issues directly pertaining to your company's computer network. If for example the company's computer network is not working properly and no user is able to access files and programs, the pc you are using is not connecting to the network or even the computer network is very down. Restarting your computer network therefore the computer you will be using to gain access to QuickBooks, known as a workstation, usually resolves an H303 or H505 error as a result of your network being down.

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Network Configuration Issues
Should your computer network is working properly as well as other users have the ability to access programs and files, H303 or H505 errors are indicating a problem aided by the hosting configuration settings in the computer containing the QuickBooks' company file -- the computer is known as the server. These can be recent changes designed to the computer or changes designed to the settings. Restart the server containing your QuickBooks company file to improve the situation. If the problem still exists, check any recent changes to your server's settings/QuickBooks settings and reverse the changes.

Website Name Issues
An H303 or H505 error also occurs if the workstations accessing the QuickBooks company file are configured to open up the file using a Full Qualified Domain Name rather than an Internet Protocol address. A complete Qualified website name provides the alphabetic name associated with computer from the network, like “,” rather than the computer's numeric name, like “IP” Check your workstations' domain names along with your server's name and work out sure your network is using numeric names rather than alpha names.

Firewall and IP Address Issues
A number of firewalls blocking incoming and outgoing network communication into the QuickBooks company file will yield a H303 or H505 error. In addition, if QuickBooks can't receive the IP address regarding the server containing your company file, an H303 or H505 error occurs. You have to add the server's internet protocol address to your firewall's selection of network exceptions, an alternative within your firewall's configuration, to improve these problems.

Corrupt ND File
If for example the QuickBooks Network Data file is corrupt, incorrect or missing, QuickBooks issues an H303 or H505 error indicating the problem when attempting to access your business file. The ND file ends with a .nd file extension. You must manually look for the ND file to see in case it is present, and then delete the file if is present to fix the situation. QuickBooks will automatically create an innovative new ND file once you reopen QuickBooks regarding the server containing your organization file. If the ND file is certainly not present, immediately launch the QuickBooks Database Server Manager, QBServerUtilityMgr.exe, to create a new ND file. This program rescans your server and corrects the problem.

QuickBooks Services
If QuickBooks Database Server Manager and QBCF Monitor Service are not started when QuickBooks first launches, the applying issues an H303 or H505 error. The 2 services are needed when accessing the company file via a network and are also their statuses are checked via Task Manager. The two services work hand in hand sending and checking data between your server and workstations. If one or both services are not running, you simply cannot connect with the company file via a workstation.

QuickBooks File Doctor
A totally free tool that resolves H303, H505 and other QuickBooks errors, QuickBooks File Doctor also checks your network configuration, company file and related files for errors and walks you through repairing the issues. To download the tool, click on the “QuickBooks File Doctor” link (see Resources) and proceed with the onscreen prompts to complete the download, install and make use of the tool. The tool eliminates the effort of manually checking connections and modifying settings.

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