QuickBooks Error C=51

Simple tips to Repair QuickBooks Error Code C=51?

Stumbled upon QuickBooks error code C=51 and didn’t know what to accomplish? will not need to to worry anymore, this article may be a perfect solution for your needs. If the user struggles to find out of the TxList, this is how the error code C=51 appears from the screen to warn an individual. Furthermore, this kind of error can also be present in the cases once the user tries to get rid of the transactions from the report.


This article is purely in line with the facts linked to the QuickBooks Error code C=51, which includes the complexities, requirements, as well as the troubleshooting steps. So, if you are searching for a great solution that could allow you to get rid with this annoying error, then see the article till the end and explore further. Else, you can pick up your phone give a ring and speak with our QuickBooks enterprise tech support team team. With several years of expertise and experience with handling the issues related to QuickBooks, all of us members will provide you with round the clock assistance that too in a single call.

What is QuickBooks error code C=51?

Before exploring the facts related to this error code, it could be sane adequate to get a brief insight into what this error means. QuickBooks error code C=51 could be the error that arises from the screen as soon as the user struggles to look for the TxList file. The error message might show up on the screen stating “unable to find the TxList“. This kind of error can be encountered if the user is wanting to eliminate the transaction from any report.

Do you know the requirements for troubleshooting the QuickBooks error code C=51?

Before jumping regarding the solution, it will be easier to first browse the requirements for carrying out the troubleshooting process. You can find three important things that would be required, in order to rectify the QuickBooks error code C=51. The 3 associated with the requirements are as follows:

  • The initial requirement could be the transaction log file (.TLG – in identical folder as the corrupted QBW file)
  • Another point in the necessities list could be the corrupted QuickBooks data file (.QBW)
  • And finally, any older backup associated with QuickBooks data file may also be expected (.QBW or .QBB or .QBM)

Root factors that cause the QuickBooks error C=51

Well, understanding the causes of the error can be really helpful in working with exactly the same. Thus, take a look at probably the most common factors that cause the QuickBooks error code C=51.

  • The initial cause could be almost any harm to the media, such as backups made from the bad floppy disks.
  • Another cause could possibly be the problems with the QuickBooks verification.
  • This type of error can be caused because of damaged file.
  • Also, an error such as QuickBooks rebuild error and upgrading error may also result in QuickBooks Error C=51.
  • In case the QuickBooks database server is damaged or corrupted, then you may face this error.

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FIX QuickBooks Error Code C=51 without the hassle

Now you have explored the reasons plus the requirements for resolving the QuickBooks database error C=51, it is time to find out of the most reliable and relevant solution to the error. There may be more than one treatment for this error. We will be discussing all the solutions along with the steps involved, one at a time.

Method no. 1: Update QuickBooks to the latest release

The initial method that people are going to discuss is the most basic method. This type of error may be resolved by updating the QuickBooks to your latest version. Therefore, upgrade your QuickBooks into the latest version and look whether this resolves your issue. In the event the problem persists, relocate to the following method.

Method number 2: Rebuild the information

  • In this process, the very first step is always to close all tabs when you look at the QuickBooks.
  • Once through with that, the user is needed to power down the QuickBooks software.
  • Now the next phase to be followed would be to reopen the QuickBooks and then perform the same work that you were doing at that time when you encountered the error.
  • The past step is the fact that user is needed to rebuild the info in a proper format.

Method # 3: Run QuickBooks file doctor tool

Using QuickBooks file doctor tool can also be useful in getting rid regarding the Error code C=51.

  • Firstly, download the QuickBooks file doctor tool.
  • Then, browse the erroneous files.
  • Not only that, make use of the tool, and you're all set.

Method #4: Restore the backup

  • Restore the backup files.
  • After restoring the QuickBooks files, an individual is required to press Ctrl+ C keys, followed closely by moving them to a different folder.
  • Now right-click the file and select Properties.
  • In the event the backup file is lower than 6MB, then it ought to be noted that the backup file is incorrect.
  • Plus in such cases, the consumer is required to make a backup file once again.

Method # 5:

In certain cases, an individual might encounter this error code as a result of network connectivity problems, whilst the system undergoes the downloading process. The network connectivity issue might stop the transactions from getting downloaded. Thus, the consumer is recommended to check the online world connection, before starting because of the downloading process.

Method number 6:

The QuickBooks Audit trail report offers the accidentally deleted or altered transactions. The consumer can restore the transactions by re-entering the info. To open the report, the steps involved are as follows:

  • To start with, the consumer needs to open the reports menu.
  • And then, find the accountant and taxes option, followed by clicking on the Audit trail option.
  • Moving ahead, the user needs to restore the transactions which are lost due to any technical bug.


If you are facing such variety of error, then you can carry out some of the above methods. We expect by using assistance from this short article, the QB users may have a clear view to tackle the QuickBooks data error C=51. If in case none of this methods work in your favor, then it's recommended to get for professional assistance, to prevent any type of a further mess.

All you have to do is dial our toll-free number and our QuickBooks auto data recovery experts shall help you in resolving the bug very quickly.

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