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Quickbooks 18 Desktop Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet Permissions Location?

QB Issue Resolution:
I will be here to share some information on providing access to your nominated users in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise.

To start with, in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise you have the power to create a view-only access for authorized users. You can even customize the permissions directed at the precise role of the authorized user you’ve provided.


To incorporate a user, here’s how:

1. Click Company through the menu tab.
2. Choose User.
3. Select Set Up Users and Roles.
4. Choose the Role tab to incorporate a new role.

  • Enter the specific name of this new role.
  • Choose the specific Area and/or Activities you’d allow the user to possess access.
  • Select the access level for each Area or Activity.
  • Click Ok.

5. Click the User tab to include a fresh user.

6. Click Ok.

7. Select Finish once completed.

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We have attached screenshots for the reference.

If you’re unable to create the precise permission, I’d suggest reaching off to our customer service Team. They have tools to get into your account securely and further work with you via remote access.

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