QuickBooks -6000 Series Error

Just how to Resolve QuickBooks -6000 Series Error

Manufactured by Intuit, QuickBooks is an accounting software which includes completely changed how the business accounting is completed on the market today. Mostly employed by small and medium businesses, QuickBooks has both cloud and on premises. QuickBooks has several variations including Enterprise, Accountant, Pro and Premier. 

While QuickBooks is a good software for businesses, it’s also vulnerable to errors. This is the reason why Intuit has furnished a different utility tool called QuickBooks File Doctor to correct files and eradicate the errors but the utility is quite basic also it may not be rid of all the errors. 

That's the reason, first thing that a person needs to do is realize why QuickBooks is in fact throwing the error. We have compiled together the causes and solutions for the most frequent error which is thrown in QuickBooks –-6000 Series Error. 

The QuickBooks-6000 Series Error has several variations that arise as a result of different reasons. On this page, we are discussing three of the, 6000 , 80 and 77.

QuickBooks -6000 Series Error

This is actually the error message that is displayed when error 6000  occurs 
“Error -6000 , -80: An error occurred when QuickBooks attempted to access the company file”
There can be various reasons for this error, including:

If your QuickBooks Company File Cannot Open and you need any help just you contact our Expert.

QuickBooks installation was incomplete 
A company file (.qbw) happens to be damaged
The folder where company file was located happens to be damaged 
Hosting of QuickBooks happens to be enabled on both servers rather than one 
Server doesn’t have the proper permissions to gain access to company files
An individual who is attempting to access the organization files doesn’t have the correct permissions 
Service QBDataServiceUserXX where XX could be the version wide range of QuickBooks is attempting to get into company files however it does not have the correct permissions 
A security software regarding the server is blocking access to the organization file 
The solution to the error is based on what the user was doing when this error was thrown. Check out of this cases as soon as the error might have occurred- 

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User was attempting to open an organization file that is stored on a Windows Server
There are a number of solutions you could try in the event you were trying to open an organization file on a Windows Server- 

Download QuickBooks File Doctor and try to resolve the error through it 
In case QuickBooks was installed on one or more system, try configuring one to store the company file 
Edit the host file aided by the name of Windows server and IP address from the system where company file was stored
User was wanting to open an organization file which will be stored on a Linux Server: Configure Linux Database Server manager, specify the directory Initord.conf and then restart the machine. Now ping the server by going to command prompt.
User was creating a backup when this error occurred:  Create a manual backup and store it in an innovative new folder under C drive 
User was attempting to restore an organization file : Should your file extension is .qbw.adr or .qbm, change it out to .qbw. If that does not work check for nay issues with the file path or the file name. 
QuickBooks -6000 Series Error -80
This error can be thrown when a person is wanting to get into a business file through the server. There might be various reasons behind this error, including:

Company file might have got corrupted 
A number of the data from the company file has been converted within the network 
One or more computers are acting as a bunch right as well 
No reference to the server
There are a number of solutions that can be used to resolve this dilemma-

Update your system and server aided by the latest version 
Use QuickBooks file doctor to solve the problem
Copy the business file or the backup file to your neighborhood drive and then restore the organization file and update it
QuickBooks -6000 Series Error

Check out for the possible factors behind error 6000 

As opposed to a network or local drive, the business file is situated on an external storage 
Incorrect folder permissions of this folder that has the business file within it
The company file has been opened by QuickBooks by referencing a mapped drive
If you're facing this error, the first thing to complete is restart QuickBooks with additional permission. In many regarding the cases, the error is resolved after restarting and there are not any further steps needed.

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If the error continues to be not resolved, try the following solutions one by one 

Launch QuickBooks File Doctor to see in the event that problem can be resolved with it 
If the company file was stored on an external storage or media then move it towards the local or perhaps the network drive and then make an effort to open it in QuickBooks 
In the event that company file was referencing a mapped drive, then you need to change the settings and select the appropriate server. For this, look at into the file menu and click on “Open or Restore Company”. Now select “Open a business File” and click on “Network Places”. Click on “Entire Network” and choose the server where your company file happens to be stored. Restart QuickBooks to see in the event that problem happens to be resolved 
Use a third party software instead 
The above steps don’t always work as well as the same time frame, they are able to additionally be confusing. If you're working with business data, every second is vital and that's why you ought to use a 3rd party tool that could quickly resolve all the errors. 

We recommend using Stellar Phoenix Recovery for QuickBooks® Software. It may repair damaged or corrupted QuickBooks file and recover important computer data. It supports all QuickBooks versions including 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2007, and different country editions as well. The application can efficiently recover perhaps the most corrupted files and you would not need to worry about after the complicated manual steps.

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