How To Fix “Error: QuickBooks Is Unable To Send Your Email To Outlook”

How exactly to fix “Error: QuickBooks is not able to send your email to Outlook”

Trying to send transaction reports, but QuickBooks struggles to send the email to outlook? If yes, then this website post is really what you are interested in. Emailing is known as to function as primary factor and a widely used function in QuickBooks desktop. There are numerous advantages of sending QuickBooks emails via Outlook, certainly one of which will be that the sent copy regarding the invoice or estimate is saved for future references. There might be numerous reasons behind the occurrence of error: QuickBooks struggling to send email to outlook. To learn more, go through your blog post till the conclusion.

Triggers towards the error
· This type of error could be seen once the system shows incorrect email settings.
· Damaged MAP132.dll file may also be one of the reasons behind the occurrence of the error.
· Logging in with admin credentials may also be another trigger to this error.
· Damaged outlook may also be a reason for the occurrence of this error.

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Quick fixes to QuickBooks unable to send the e-mail to outlook error
· Check the e-mail preferences in Internet Explorer
1. Close QuickBooks after which open web browser.
2. find the Tools and then decide for an Internet option.
3. Now, click the Programs tab.
4. be sure that the proper email program has opted given that default email program. Or even, then take the required action making it as default.
5. The next step is to save changes and hit Apply.
6. After that, close the net explorer windows and then open the QuickBooks accounting software yet again.
7. The last step is to make an attempt to send the e-mail yet again.


· Make sure that QuickBooks application is not running as admin
1. find the QuickBooks icon and right-click it.
2. After that, decide for Properties and then find the compatibility option.
3. Once completed with that, unmark the run this program as administrator tab.
4. And lastly, update the Windows and restart the machine.

There could be other methods as well to correct Error: QuickBooks is not able to send your email to Outlook. In case the above mentioned listed methods didn’t grow to be helpful, then your user can get in touch with our QuickBooks pro support team via our toll-free number, and all of us will help you fix this bug within no time.

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