Create An Invoice From An Estimate In QuickBooks

Simple tips to Convert an Estimate to an Invoice in QuickBooks

Unless you're very fortunate, it’s likely that good that many other businesses offer products or services just like those given by your business. Consequently, your customers may check around a little and request estimates before making a final purchasing decision. As soon as you create an estimate, having the ability to convert it to an invoice quickly enables you to avoid repetitive data entry and reduces waiting time for the customer. With QuickBooks, creating an invoice from a preexisting estimate requires just a few clicks of the mouse.


Preparing to generate Estimates

Step One
Launch QuickBooks and sign in as an administrator. Click "Edit" regarding the menu bar, then click "Preferences" regarding the slide-out menu.

Step 2
Click "Jobs & Estimates" in the Preferences window.

Step Three
Click the "Company Preferences" tab, then click "Yes" next to the "Do you really create estimates?" option. Click the "OK" button to truly save the changes.

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Create an Estimate

Step 1
Click "Customers" in the menu bar, then click "Create Estimates."

Step 2
Select the customer with the "Customer" drop-down button or go into the name and address information manually.

Step 3
Enter line items into the estimate just as you would when designing an ordinary invoice or receipt.

Step 4
Click "Save" in the toolbar to truly save the estimate.

Convert Estimate to Invoice

Step 1
Click "Customer Center" from the toolbar, then click the "Customers & Jobs" tab.

Step 2
Click the name regarding the customer for whom you created the estimate. Click on the "Show" button, then click "Estimates."

Step Three
Double-click the estimate you made for the client. The estimate opens within the QuickBooks window.

Step Four
Click on the "Create Invoice" button near the top of the estimate form. QuickBooks converts the estimate and displays the consumer information and line items in a new invoice window. Edit the invoice line items as needed.

Step 5
Click the "Print" button to print the invoice immediately. Alternatively, allow the "To be printed" check box to print the invoice in a batch with others later.

Step 6
Click "Save" to save lots of the invoice.

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