Create a Backup using Intuit Data Protect

Just how to Create a Backup using Intuit Data Protect (IDP)

Intuit is offering a subscription based complete and comprehensive disaster recovery plan (Intuit data protect). All data on a user’s computer can be safeguarded against damage from virus, malware, ransomware, theft, fire, or any other disaster. All of the data is securely backed up. Users can choose to back up only their QuickBooks data or all the data present on the system.


Note: Intuit Data Protect only works together with QuickBooks Desktop 2011 and later. Still, users can separately back within the company file present from the system. You can expect to only be in a position to integrate Intuit Data Protect with QuickBooks Desktop version 2011 or later.

Follow the steps given below to set up and use Intuit Data Protect:

  • Click on the Top Icon Bar under view menu
  • Open Intuit Data Protection(IDP) directly from QuickBooks Desktop
  • Hit Activate now
  • Sign into IDP using correct credentials
  • Hit continue
  • At this point, you can easily recover the previously backed up data. If not, then go to the next phase
  • Select files to be backed as much as Intuit Data Protect.
  • Hit continue. In the next window, it is possible to schedule backups. If you don’t desire to schedule backups, then move to the next step.
  • Hit continue.
  • Enter your email address. You certainly will receive all of the notifications about data backup through Intuit Data Protect on this email address.
  • Click on continue. Once all the data is backed up with Intuit Data Protect, you'll get a confirmation message. Hit ok and close the window.

You can backup the information anytime by opening Intuit Data Protect (IDP) from QuickBooks and selecting Back Up Now. With IDP, you can perform incremental in addition to full backups. You really need to schedule backups through IDP. This will help you in streamlining your operations while having important computer data on secure servers.

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For restoring files, open IDP and click on Restore from Backup. Then find the files you wish to restore. You are presented with all of the versions designed for restoring. IDP saves multiple versions of a business file to ensure users can restore files from different amounts of time. Then, click on continue and restore. IDP will begin the restoration process. All previous data should be overwritten. To prevent this from happening, click cancel on Overwrite.

Hence, by making use of Intuit Data Protect, users can cause on their own an entire disaster recovery plan. IDP is ideal for smaller businesses and startups that don't like to spend their profits on purchasing hardware for storing and backing up data.

In the event that you get stuck any place in the procedure, go ahead and make contact with AccountingErrors QuickBooks tech support team Team, which will be available 24/7 

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