Common Intuit Data Protect (IDP) Issues

Intuit Data Protect has Stopped Working – discover ways to Fix?

 Intuit Data Protect safeguards your crucial financial data by utilizing advanced encryption security standards. It protects your computer data contrary to the susceptibility towards loss, damage, or corruption. This utility is compatible with QuickBooks Desktop 2016 and later versions associated with the software. However, you might see an error message “Intuit Data Protect has Stopped Working” while backing up your data with Intuit Data Protect (IDP). Several reasons in QuickBooks may evoke Intuit backup not working issue. Read this blog until the end to find and troubleshoot common Intuit data protect IDP problems.

Cases Of Intuit Data Protect (IDP) Errors:

As a result of faulty Windows Firewall settings, you may possibly see various instances of Intuit Data Protect issues when attempting to back up your organization data. Look at the below-given list-

  • Intuit Data Protect is not any longer working
  • Unable to find IDP icon from Windows taskbar
  • Scheduled IDP backup is not working
  • Intuit Data Protect is certainly not on my computer
  • Error 305 occurs while backing up with IDT
  • Intuit Data Protect is certainly not showing up
  • Intuit Data Protect backup failed because of Firewall or Internet connectivity problem
  • Intuit Data Protect no longer starts automatically
  • Login error in Intuit Data Protect IDT
  • Intuit Online backup not working
  • Intuit Data Protect issues caused as a result of the erroneous data file
  • Incorrect installing of the Intuit Data Protect

If you are facing some of the problems whilst utilising the Intuit Data Protect utility, you will need to look at possible causes that could trigger the nuisance.

Protect Backup Failed: Possible Causes

Keeping track of the possible reasons behind the error could be handy within the error-resolution. Here are the reasons that will promote Intuit Data Protect has Stopped Working error message.

  • Outdated versions of QuickBooks application or Intuit Data Protect
  • If IDP or Intuit related websites are not marked trusted in your Internet settings
  • It may be your Windows Firewall preventing QuickBooks or IDP for connecting utilizing the Internet due to security reasons
  • A corrupted or outdated version of Mocrosoft.NET is installed in your body also can bring forth into the Intuit
  • Data Protect has Stopped Working error
  • Incorrect login credentials utilized for IDP
  • If you are not able to find IDP services from Search programs and files option of Windows


Just How To Troubleshoot IDP Suddenly Stops Working Issue?

If you can’t back up with Intuit Data Protect, your computer data is prone to accidental deletion or loss. To fix the IDP error in QuickBooks, proceed with the below-described solutions-

Solution 1: Update QuickBooks Desktop & IDP into the Latest Maintenance Release
source site Intuit Data Protect has stopped working issue may arise as a result of outdated versions of this QuickBooks Desktop application and Intuit Data Protect. Check how exactly to no prior script Update QuickBooks Desktop as soon as the thing is Update Now tab, scroll down and checkmark the Data Protect option. In the event that Intuit Data Protect appears again in QuickBooks, then relocate to the following solution.

Solution 2: Make Sure That IBuEngHost.exe File Is Running As a System User
The IBuEngHost.exe File should run as a System user when it comes to efficient functioning of the Intuit Data Protect. Be sure that the file just isn't running as a Windows user. To test this-

  • Right-click the Windows Taskbar and then select Start Task Manager from Drop-down list
  • Select Details tab and locate IBuEngHost.exe, and there you'll want to verify that it has “User name-System” & “Status-running.” If you don't, follow these steps-
  • Download an innovative new installer for QuickBooks Desktop version and save it to the location, where you may easily find it
  • Now right-click the installer from its location and select Run as Administrator from list
  • Now just do it because of the re-installation process
  • After the installation is finished, try to find IBuEngHost.exe in Task Manager again and check the exact same criteria specified above for BuEngHost.exe file

Attempt to backup your computer data with Data Protect. If you're not able to backup using IDP, then jump to a higher solution.

Solution 3: Exempt IDP Files from Firewall Restrictions
Intuit Data Protect needs to access your company file for the efficient backup process. You'll want to make sure that the significant files are allowed when it comes to Windows Firewall.

  • Click Windows Start icon and insert Firewall within the search field
  • Now select Allow an app through Windows Firewall > Allow another app
  • Click Browse, locate QBIDPservice.exe and then click Open
  • Select Network Types and then checkmark the box for Private.
  • Next, click Add
  • Again Browse and Open IBUenghost.exe and IntuitDataProtect.exe.

Be sure that you start to see the message “the file already exist” at the conclusion of the task.

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Solution 4: Add Intuit Domains as Trusted Sites in IE
Follow the instructions provided in this article and use the explained procedure to add listed here Intuit Domains to IE-

  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *

If Intuit Data Protect continues to be not working after following all the troubleshooting procedures, then dial our QuickBooks error support telephone number to go over your technical unease or other query linked to the error. Your dedicated QB professional will determine the particular cause for the error and fix immediately so you don’t need to see Intuit Data Protect has Stopped Working error again.

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