QuickBooks Subscription Has Lapsed

How to Resolve “QuickBooks Subscription has lapsed” Error

Subscription offers a temporary license to utilize QuickBooks desktop software, and in rare occasions when QuickBooks can’t verify the subscription it gives a mistake message “QuickBooks subscription has lapsed”. When you have the “QuickBooks subscription has lapsed” error message you will not any longer have the ability to use QuickBooks and install its updates. As suggested because of the error message, updating charge card info and verifying internet connection is certainly not enough to resolve the error and you could need to perform additional troubleshooting to correct the subscription has lapsed error. Following the article, you will see just how to remove subscription expired error message from QuickBooks.


“QuickBooks Subscription has Lapsed” Error Description

If you run QuickBooks or install its updates QuickBooks first verify the validity of the subscription and for any reason if QuickBooks fails to confirm the user subscription for the application form it displays error the message “Sorry, it looks as if you need a Subscription to begin Using QuickBooks”. Expired subscription is not always the reason you can’t log into QuickBooks there are various other causes as well that prompts the subscription has lapsed warning message to show on users screen.

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Reasons that Triggers “QuickBooks Subscription has Lapsed” Error

Expired QuickBooks Desktop subscription is the most primary reason that causes QuickBooks subscription has lapsed error message to show, listed below we now have listed the rest of the reasons that can cause the error:

Network connectivity issues brought on by a misconfigured internet browser or due to a problem aided by the router.
Intuit®® has discontinued the QuickBooks desktop version you are using.
Due to outdated bank card information, QuickBooks is not able to renew your subscription.


Solution 1: Update Bank Card Info in CAMPS

  • Open your online browser and visit http://camps.Intuit®.com/.
  • Check in to your QuickBooks account and select the Product section.
  • Open Product Details and select Billing Information.
  • Click Edit and enter the most recent billing information.
  • Hit Save and Continue and today open QuickBooks to sync the license.
  • Select Manage My License from under the Help tab.
  • Click Sync License Data Online.

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Solution 2: Delete QuickBooks Entitlement Data Store. ecml File

  • Exit QuickBooks Desktop application, right click on the Taskbar at the bottom and select Task Manager.
  • Right click on the QBW32.exe file beneath the Processes tab and select End Process Tree.
  • Click Yes for the confirmation and then open Windows File Manager.
  • Navigate to C:\ ProgramData\ Intuit®\ Entitlement Client\ v folder and delete Entitlement Data Store. ecml file.
  • Open QuickBooks once again and re-register the application form.


Solution 3: Install the newest Updates of QuickBooks Desktop Software

Follow our article just how to Update QuickBooks Desktop towards the Latest Released Version for detailed instructions on updating QuickBooks Desktop to the most recent version.

If QuickBooks still can’t verify your subscription even after following most of the suggested troubleshooting steps, then you might want to contact our error support team. Our Support Experts have many years of experience resolving such subscription related errors and can quickly help you get rid of QuickBooks Subscription has Lapsed error message.

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